Hush Puppie (puppylove_) wrote in ygo_het,
Hush Puppie

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This community's been dead for a while, or at least it seems that way. So I've decided to jumpstart with crappy couple banners. One Kaiba x Anzu and one Honda x Shizuka. I made a Kaiba x Shizuka, too, but it came out so horrific I decided it wasn't worth posting. And I was going to make a Yuugi x Anzu and a Jou x Mai as well, but I got lazy.

So... you get these. If you want them. Which you won't, if you're sane. I like them because I'm new at this whole banner-thing and they're some of my first, but from objective standards, they're relatively shitty.

If you're sniffing glue and want to use one (or both), credit is appreciated but not required.
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