raichu100 (raichu100) wrote in ygo_het,

My fav pairings

I'm pretty new to the whole live journal thing so I'm just poking around a bit. ^^  YGO is my (current) favorite cannon and most of the pairings I like are het.  So here are my favorites (I'm going to list them by dub names):

Tea x Atem/Yami Yugi (I do not differentiate between Yami and Atem as people; they are the same soul.  And yes, this pairing is pretty canon but I love it and I love the confusion/realizaiton/complication from realizing she is in love with someone who shares a body with her best friend.)

Joey x Mai---LOVE it.  I wish they had kissed in the anime.

Tristan x Serenity--I used to really love this one, but I can go for other Serenity pairings as well.  Serenity/Seto and Serenity/Valon are both really interesting.

Seto x Kisara and Priest Seto x Kisara (I am thinking about writing a fanfic about Kisara being reborn into Seto's era, but not having her die)

Priestess Isis x Priest Karim--I love this one, but everyone pairs Isis with Seto or Mahad. someone tell me some good Isis/Karim fanfics!

Mokuba x Rebecca -- so cute!  I used to really like Yugi x Rebecca, but now I'm not so sure about that one.

Tea x Marik--in my head canon, Tea is Yami's soul mate, but the idea of Tea and Marik is really, really interesting.  Especially since it's like good girl/evil guy, and since he literally lives in her head for a while during Battle City and since he forcefully possessed her when they first met.  Plus I've read a couple really good fics with them.

Yami Bakura x Marik--the only yaoi pairing that I like.  In general I don't care for slash at all but this one is kind of intriguing.

Duke x Vivian--I kind of like Duke/Serenity, but I saw a fan art pic of Duke and Vivian and that got me to thinking about it and the more I think about this one the more I like it.
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