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*waves* Hi, I'm new. YGO's one of my favorite fandoms, but lately it's been too shounen-ai-ish for me. I'm so happy to find a community for good ol' het (not that slash is bad, I rather enjoy it in fact). I'll list my favorite Het pairings now, 'cause that is everybody seems to be doing (hehe):

Otogi/Anzu - I don't know why, but they're my OTP <3

Atem (Yami)/Anzu - It's so cute....and canon.

Kaiba/Anzu - It's classic cold-hearted guy gets together with spirited warm girl hehe.

Yugi/Anzu - Even if he is like 2 ft. shorter, it's still cute.

Jounouchi/Mai - This is more canon than Yami/Anzu! Argh, they just keep teasing us with this. They're together, than apart, then together, then apart, then.....

Honda/Shizuka - Awwww, it's sweet. Honda seems like the perfect person for her.

Mokuba/Rebecca - Hehehe, puppy love. They're both geniuses so why not make a super smart short couple?

I like more, but these are my absolute favorites. Sorry I can't add much to the community, I'm so lazy.

See ya around.
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