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New Member's post

Hello. I'm new to this community. I was pretty surprised to find a YGO-het community amidst the overwhelming number of yaoi/shonen-ai communities. So, being the het fangirl that I am, I decided to join. Since it's my first post, I'll start by listing down my favorite het pairings...

seto/kisara- or, if you'd prefer, set/kisara. I'm a sucker for this pairing! (^_^)

yami/anzu - Basically, I think this is everone's favorite pairing...

yugi/anzu - Because it's sweet!

seto/shizuka - Somehow, it's always fun to imagine Joey's reaction when he realizes that his sister's going out with seto. (Joey: You're dating WHO Shizuka?!?)

joey/mai - older woman/younger guy dynamics.

mokuba/shizuka - actually, according to the manga timeline, they're about the same age so....

That's it really. So, ends my first random post!

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