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Some ruminations on the Yugi/Anzu/Atemu situation...

I was thinking of the whole nettle with Anzu getting a crush on Atemu, and how it makes it a little difficult to determine how recent or ancient her romantic feelings for Yugi are...

But...I have a hunch that she fell for Atemu while still thinking that he was merely an ASPECT of Yugi, not a separate entity. Sort of a strongly-yang version of him. Certain strands of the earlier manga seem to bear out my contention. For instance, she was expecting the Lovely Two to ring for normative Yugi, but tries to force out dark Yugi by putting herself in crisis (with, I imagine, the "advice" of mild sunstroke...). Doesn't make much sense if she didn't think there was equivalency...

Still, just to be sure...Does Anzu (or any of the rest of Yugi's affinity, for that matter) get any particular reason to believe that "Dark" Yugi is an entity in and of himself before His Most Criminal Highness Bakura gives them a taste of Monster World (in particular, how would she have interpreted Yugi's reaction after Honda gets trapped in Death T-3?)? That's the earliest point in the manga where I'm expecting Our Heroes to definitely see that there are two souls (we readers saw that in the Imori sequence)...

I realize that my suspicion is likely correct, but I want to be sure I'm not overlooking anything...
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