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Yu-Gi-Oh Het
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Sunday, June 19th, 2011
11:59 pm
Title: Prelude
Author: A. E. Stover
Series: Duel Monsters
Genre: Friendship; Tragedy
Main Character(s): Kujaku Mai, Jounouchi Katsuya
Summary: [AU] After having to leave her apartment, which was scheduled to be demolished, Mai rents a room in the outskirts of town at an old boarding house owned by a disagreeable middle-aged man. She strikes an unusual friendship with her proprietor's ten-year-old son, who, with his serious problems with abuse, forces her to face the ghosts of her past.
Rating: T
Word Count: 10551
Warning(s): Mentions/Contains rape and abuse
Note(s): This is an AU in which Kujaku Mai is twenty-eight and Jounouchi Katsuya is ten. I don't know the name of Katsuya's father — I don't think it was ever revealed in canon — and I didn't make one up for him because I couldn't find one that suited his character for both canon and fanon works. The other characters are all in different age ranges, and will be appearing, however briefly or vaguely, in the story. Everything is written in the third person (limited), taking on Mai's perspective on things.
Links: FF | LJ
Thursday, October 21st, 2010
10:33 pm
My fav pairings
I'm pretty new to the whole live journal thing so I'm just poking around a bit. ^^  YGO is my (current) favorite cannon and most of the pairings I like are het.  So here are my favorites (I'm going to list them by dub names):

Tea x Atem/Yami Yugi (I do not differentiate between Yami and Atem as people; they are the same soul.  And yes, this pairing is pretty canon but I love it and I love the confusion/realizaiton/complication from realizing she is in love with someone who shares a body with her best friend.)

Joey x Mai---LOVE it.  I wish they had kissed in the anime.

Tristan x Serenity--I used to really love this one, but I can go for other Serenity pairings as well.  Serenity/Seto and Serenity/Valon are both really interesting.

Seto x Kisara and Priest Seto x Kisara (I am thinking about writing a fanfic about Kisara being reborn into Seto's era, but not having her die)

Priestess Isis x Priest Karim--I love this one, but everyone pairs Isis with Seto or Mahad. someone tell me some good Isis/Karim fanfics!

Mokuba x Rebecca -- so cute!  I used to really like Yugi x Rebecca, but now I'm not so sure about that one.

Tea x Marik--in my head canon, Tea is Yami's soul mate, but the idea of Tea and Marik is really, really interesting.  Especially since it's like good girl/evil guy, and since he literally lives in her head for a while during Battle City and since he forcefully possessed her when they first met.  Plus I've read a couple really good fics with them.

Yami Bakura x Marik--the only yaoi pairing that I like.  In general I don't care for slash at all but this one is kind of intriguing.

Duke x Vivian--I kind of like Duke/Serenity, but I saw a fan art pic of Duke and Vivian and that got me to thinking about it and the more I think about this one the more I like it.
Wednesday, October 5th, 2005
8:15 pm
Fanfic Contest Advertisement~
polar_hearts is a Polarshipping (Or Jounouchi/Mai) community that bioplague and I run. We're holding a fanfic writing contest and trying to get some new members in the process.

Here are the basics of the contest.

Anyone that's interested is MORE than welcome to enter and join :D We need more members, man.

X-posted like crazy :|

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Tuesday, June 14th, 2005
11:22 pm
New community.
I'm pimping mah new community here. :D

Bakura/Anzu fans! Listen up. Come and join the newly created community, vexshipping!

...please? XD;

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Tuesday, May 24th, 2005
9:57 pm
XD *waves*
Well, it didn't say anything about not being able to promote communities here, so here I go:


It's a Anzu Masaki/Katsuya Jounouchi community. Nothing much there, but anyone who's intrigued by this pairing, and want to try to write a little something; come one over!

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Monday, April 4th, 2005
9:44 pm
I am a fan of.....


so/so couples


couples i wouldn't go look up and read but woouldn't care if they are in a fanfiction with another main couple


and the one couple i will not bend on no matter what

MaixJou- they arejust a couple i will not touch....@-@ i love them too much

I have a past RPG in the works and it Het couples only all the info is there in the info page

Monday, March 14th, 2005
6:20 pm
*waves* Hi, I'm new. YGO's one of my favorite fandoms, but lately it's been too shounen-ai-ish for me. I'm so happy to find a community for good ol' het (not that slash is bad, I rather enjoy it in fact). I'll list my favorite Het pairings now, 'cause that is everybody seems to be doing (hehe):

Otogi/Anzu - I don't know why, but they're my OTP <3

Atem (Yami)/Anzu - It's so cute....and canon.

Kaiba/Anzu - It's classic cold-hearted guy gets together with spirited warm girl hehe.

Yugi/Anzu - Even if he is like 2 ft. shorter, it's still cute.

Jounouchi/Mai - This is more canon than Yami/Anzu! Argh, they just keep teasing us with this. They're together, than apart, then together, then apart, then.....

Honda/Shizuka - Awwww, it's sweet. Honda seems like the perfect person for her.

Mokuba/Rebecca - Hehehe, puppy love. They're both geniuses so why not make a super smart short couple?

I like more, but these are my absolute favorites. Sorry I can't add much to the community, I'm so lazy.

See ya around.

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Sunday, December 5th, 2004
10:27 pm
New Member's post

Hello. I'm new to this community. I was pretty surprised to find a YGO-het community amidst the overwhelming number of yaoi/shonen-ai communities. So, being the het fangirl that I am, I decided to join. Since it's my first post, I'll start by listing down my favorite het pairings...

seto/kisara- or, if you'd prefer, set/kisara. I'm a sucker for this pairing! (^_^)

yami/anzu - Basically, I think this is everone's favorite pairing...

yugi/anzu - Because it's sweet!

seto/shizuka - Somehow, it's always fun to imagine Joey's reaction when he realizes that his sister's going out with seto. (Joey: You're dating WHO Shizuka?!?)

joey/mai - older woman/younger guy dynamics.

mokuba/shizuka - actually, according to the manga timeline, they're about the same age so....

That's it really. So, ends my first random post!

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Sunday, July 25th, 2004
10:05 pm
Pairing community pimpage.
I hope community promotion is allowed here. I read the rules and couldn't find anything against it, so I'm assuming it is, but if there IS something and I missed it, feel free to delete this post, and I'm very sorry. *sweatdrop*

Jounouchi x Anzu community is here!

Seto x Shizuka community is here!
Monday, June 21st, 2004
2:05 pm
Some ruminations on the Yugi/Anzu/Atemu situation...
I was thinking of the whole nettle with Anzu getting a crush on Atemu, and how it makes it a little difficult to determine how recent or ancient her romantic feelings for Yugi are...

But...I have a hunch that she fell for Atemu while still thinking that he was merely an ASPECT of Yugi, not a separate entity. Sort of a strongly-yang version of him. Certain strands of the earlier manga seem to bear out my contention. For instance, she was expecting the Lovely Two to ring for normative Yugi, but tries to force out dark Yugi by putting herself in crisis (with, I imagine, the "advice" of mild sunstroke...). Doesn't make much sense if she didn't think there was equivalency...

Still, just to be sure...Does Anzu (or any of the rest of Yugi's affinity, for that matter) get any particular reason to believe that "Dark" Yugi is an entity in and of himself before His Most Criminal Highness Bakura gives them a taste of Monster World (in particular, how would she have interpreted Yugi's reaction after Honda gets trapped in Death T-3?)? That's the earliest point in the manga where I'm expecting Our Heroes to definitely see that there are two souls (we readers saw that in the Imori sequence)...

I realize that my suspicion is likely correct, but I want to be sure I'm not overlooking anything...

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Saturday, June 19th, 2004
12:30 pm
Introductory post.
And I do believe I spelled 'introductory' wrong. Mm, oh well. :D Too lazy to spellcheck it.

Anyway. I like het. Het is good. I might write het in the future, actually. Mostly fluff. I like fluff. And I'll scan in some het fanart once I steal get a scanner. >:3 Yes, er... on to the het pairings I like! :D

-Yami Yuugi x Anzu. Lots of people hate this pairing, but I like it. It's my favorite het pairing, though the below pairing is fighting it's way to the top...
-Kaiba x Anzu. -shakes fist at puppylove_- It's all your fault! You and that fic of yours!
-Honda x Shizuka. It's so cute, yet so underappriciated. Why? Do people not find Honda bishounen-y enough for Shizuka (who they often turn into a 'Sue)? I like it. And Honda/Shizuka/Otogi. Not a triangle, a threesome. Whee?
-Jounouchi x Anzu. This is all _mayflower's fault. The more I saw her 'Favorite Pairings' box with J/A in it, the more I thought about it and the more I liked it. oO
-Yuugi x Rebecca. The only reason is because she's the perfect height for him It's cute~

So, yeah. I like more pairings, but thought I'd stop at my top five. ^_^;;

Once hell freezes over and pigs fly I stop being lazy, you might get some fluffy het fanfiction submitted here. Until then... er... I dunno. I'll lurk?

Current Mood: silly
8:09 am
Remember how I said I made a Kaiba x Shizuka, but it was crappy so I didn't post it? Well, I cleaned it up a little, and now it's not as crappy. Still not great, though. The way the text came out especially bugs me.

Well, here you go, silentshippers.Collapse )
Friday, June 18th, 2004
1:54 pm
This community's been dead for a while, or at least it seems that way. So I've decided to jumpstart with crappy couple banners. One Kaiba x Anzu and one Honda x Shizuka. I made a Kaiba x Shizuka, too, but it came out so horrific I decided it wasn't worth posting. And I was going to make a Yuugi x Anzu and a Jou x Mai as well, but I got lazy.

So... you get these. If you want them. Which you won't, if you're sane. I like them because I'm new at this whole banner-thing and they're some of my first, but from objective standards, they're relatively shitty.

And did I mention they're ridiculously big?Collapse )

If you're sniffing glue and want to use one (or both), credit is appreciated but not required.

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