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Introductory post.

And I do believe I spelled 'introductory' wrong. Mm, oh well. :D Too lazy to spellcheck it.

Anyway. I like het. Het is good. I might write het in the future, actually. Mostly fluff. I like fluff. And I'll scan in some het fanart once I steal get a scanner. >:3 Yes, er... on to the het pairings I like! :D

-Yami Yuugi x Anzu. Lots of people hate this pairing, but I like it. It's my favorite het pairing, though the below pairing is fighting it's way to the top...
-Kaiba x Anzu. -shakes fist at puppylove_- It's all your fault! You and that fic of yours!
-Honda x Shizuka. It's so cute, yet so underappriciated. Why? Do people not find Honda bishounen-y enough for Shizuka (who they often turn into a 'Sue)? I like it. And Honda/Shizuka/Otogi. Not a triangle, a threesome. Whee?
-Jounouchi x Anzu. This is all _mayflower's fault. The more I saw her 'Favorite Pairings' box with J/A in it, the more I thought about it and the more I liked it. oO
-Yuugi x Rebecca. The only reason is because she's the perfect height for him It's cute~

So, yeah. I like more pairings, but thought I'd stop at my top five. ^_^;;

Once hell freezes over and pigs fly I stop being lazy, you might get some fluffy het fanfiction submitted here. Until then... er... I dunno. I'll lurk?
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